Cycle Service Center & Tryals Shop

ADDRESS: 616 State Route 38,  Locke, NY  13092
PHONE:  315.497.3268; 315.497.2904
FACEBOOK:  Tryals Shop and Cycle Service Center

CONTACT:  Mike Komer

Did you know that you can buy a unicycle in Locke? Get your Quad & Lawn tractor fixed at the same place? Well, you can. The Cycle Service Center does a lot more than just motorcycles. And after 35 years in business, Mike Komer (friends call him “Komer”) has seen it all….

Back in the 70’s Komer knew that he wanted to work with his hands and RIDE. He was an expert Motocrosser while working in local motorcycle shops. By 1980 he knew he wanted his own motorhead paradise 24/7. Mike found vacant farm property for his cycle shop- with a gorgeous pond. Local wildlife didn’t seem to mind at all.

Mike and son Aaron have built sunbathing rafts for turtles. The pond is visited by geese, gooselings, ducks, and Great Blue Herons. Deer, robins, woodchucks, turkeys, and muskrats all seem comfortable with the ‘fix-it’ sounds of the shop’s welder, air compressor, and motorcycle engines.

Mike’s love for motorcycles kept him trying everything ‘back-in-the-day.’ When he tried a MotoTrial bike….. he was hooked for good. Mike stopped Motocross and began competing in MotoTrial. Over the past 30 years he has earned championships in the Western NY district as well as many National titles. He made several trips to Europe as tech man for competitions such as the Trials-de-Nations (the Italians called him “MikeGuyver” for his quick fixes).

As Komer competed and was tech man across this country too, he met many folks that had shops solely devoted to MotoTrial. In Florida, he met what would become the Cycle Service Center’s new companion— a MotoTrial shop of course! Mike liked the idea of having both the small engine repair at Cycle Service, as well as a niche for MotoTrial too. In 1995 Mike bought the Florida shop, moved it to Locke, and the Tryals Shop was born.

That wasn’t the only thing born in ’95. Mike’s son Aaron (also called simply “Komer”) gave his Dad reason to run back from a National event- being born May ’95. Mike said the whole weekend was win/win on all levels. Aaron graduated from Moravia Central School Class of 2014 (Mike’s alma mater from ’71).

Aaron has his Dad’s love for fixing things, loves MotoTrial , and Aaron is hooked on unicycle too. Aaron, Mike and family run both shops now. They invite folks to bring in any make/model street bike, dirt bike, ATV, sled, rototiller, lawn mower…..(you get the idea, they love to fix stuff). And if you want to know about MotoTrial…

They live next to the shop, so stop or call anytime. If they are home, they’re ready to help any day or time. Just look for the turtles sunning themselves one mile south of Locke four corners, on Route 38. The other landmark is logs and concrete obstacles on their property (for MotoTrial riding of course!)