Barb's Diner

ADDRESS: 891 Main Street, PO Box 68, Locke, NY 13092
PHONE: 315-497-9583

One of our area’s most well known diners is at 891 Main Street in Locke, NY. It was first known as Rene’s Diner, owned and operated by Irene Misner for many years until 1963. Cecilia O’Conner rented it from from the Misners 1963 until 1967. From then on it was rented and operated by Ralph and Betty Jackson, Ralph and Jean Crandall, Daniel Fenner and Frank Wheeler.

Frank Wheeler was operating it at the time of the Locke fire in April 1975 when the diner was destroyed. After the fire, Irene and Buff Misner installed a modular building for the diner that has been in continuous use since. Mike and Margaret O’Connor Powers (Cecilia O’Conner’s daughter) rented and operated it until 1978.

Paul Barbagallo from Auburn purchased the diner in 1978 and ran it until 1983. Barbara Seamans worked as a waitress then and later supervised the operation for Paul. She bought the diner in 1983 and changed the name to Barb’s Diner. Barb’s daughter, Sue, has worked with her and is now supervising. For 32 years Barb’s Diner has been a good place to eat and socialize. The diner is open for breakfast and lunch every day except Sunday.