Alpaca Place, LLC

ADDRESS: 2427 Richardson Hill Road, Moravia, NY  13118
PHONE:  315.224.9827
FAX:  315.497.9827
CONTACT:  Gerald O'Hara & Dawn Garofolo

Raising and breeding alpacas for fiber, fun and for sale; USDA Certified Organic Farming and Produce.

While Moravia is rich in generational farming history, a newer hidden treasure in the Moravia area is the alpaca farm in Sempronius, which was once part of the former Richardson farm family. Alpaca Place began with eight female alpacas in November, 2011 when the O’Hara family purchased the 46 acre parcel and moved into the area from the Philadelphia suburbs. “Dawn and I decided on a major life change, so we chose to move to the the Finger Lakes to raise alpacas”, explained Gerry O’Hara, owner of Alpaca Place. Since then, they have not only more than doubled their alpaca herd, but have added other livestock.

Currently twenty-five alpacas ranging from white to black with gray, cream and brown variations make up their herd, and breeding has already begun for next year’s group. Alpacas are valued for their warm, luxurious fiber which is spun, then woven into clothing. Gerry and Dawn shear the alpacas in spring, and send the raw fiber to a local mill for processing. The alpacas are also used for breeding stock, as well as fiber producers. For further information on learning more about alpacas, purchasing alpacas or alpaca products, visit their website or call for an appt. at 315-604-8090 and stop in and visit – just look for the big yellow barn.